UK supermarket supplier’s chickens given antibiotics critical for humans

A major supplier of chicken to UK supermarkets is sourcing birds dosed with antibiotics “critical to human health”, according to the new investigation, as concerns grow about the spread of deadly superbugs.

Europe’s Amazon threatened by a massive waterway project across Poland, Belarus and Ukraine

Waterway E40 is one of the most mysterious projects undergoing in Eastern Europe. This international canal, planned to have approximately 2,000 km, aims to connect the Baltic Sea with the Black Sea, passing through Poland, Belarus and Ukraine.

Will the recovery fund support just transition of the Polish coal regions?

“Bloody wind turbines, spoiling my view,” says one of the mine workers as we look on the enormous pit, created by the coal mining. Turów, one of the most controversial coal region, is not on such a clear path to the energy transition.

From bankruptcy to ecology. A tale of Detroit’s revival

Exploring development of ecology movements among abandoned and hopeless streets of American bankrupt city. Arthur is waving to me vigorously from the other side of the pavement. An old man with a grey beard and a devilish smile, he is basking in the sun in front of his store. – I left the city in the 90s, when it was no longer possible to live here. No job and you could get beaten up on every corner – he says with a sudden serious face – it used to be a terrible place back then, burnt and ruined. You wouldn’t like it here...

What does a just energy transition mean?

As the first of the country’s six coal regions to start planning its coal phase-out, Eastern Greater Poland is the undisputed leader in Poland’s just energy transition. Grass-roots projects lie at the heart of their new approach to energy.

Nord Stream II investigation

I went to Sassnitz, the center of the entire conflict, to find out who is pulling the strings. Surprising conversations, interesting interviews and illegal stroll though the harbour.

Sleeping with goats in high Moroccan mountains

We arrive late in the evening on 2nd of January to a small Berber village in the middle of the Atlas mountains. Our host, Mohamed, takes us to a dark hut that serves as a goat farm. We sit in a warm corner while Mohamed lights up a long pipe with hashish. I am wondering what we’re actually doing here…

Two musicians that I travel with take their guitar and gimbri out. The latter one is a string instrument made from one piece of wood and camel’s skin. Strings from animals’ intestines are made to play groovy and sandy tunes of traditional gnawa. While the music is dripping on the hills, a sandy blanket of tunes is covering the silence around us…

John Holdren about renewable energy movement in US

I rushed to a hotel in Manhattan to meet John Holdren, senior advisor to President Barack Obama on science and technology issues. He was preparing himself for a Bloomberg gala but still, he found almost two hours to drink an ice tea with me and talk about wind energy in Texas, Trump’s administration, Mark Twain’s wisdom on lies and pike fishing in a Polish Masurian river.

The power of feminine renewable energy

The growth of renewable energy is providing us with a unique opportunity to pull down the long-established gender division within the energy sector. During my last visit in United States I talked with women advocating for increased female representation in energy sector. Starting from girls at elementary school. The green game will be fair, clean and feminine.

Swedish waste hopscotch

How few unpopular decisions and consistent political leaders lead to the most logical waste management system in the world?

Who wants to kill a wind turbine?

Despite the fact that the price of investment in wind power is dropping massively as its efficiency surges, turbines are still unwanted in Poland. What is the reason of wind power’s bad image?