Agata Skrzypczyk is a passionate journalist, economist, public speaker, photographer. She is a strong advocate for energy democracy and climate justice.

She works with impact companies and organisations on creative storytelling that matters for people who care.

Agata graduated in International Economics, followed by a Master’s degree in Environmental and Energy Economics obtained in 2013 at the University of Southern Denmark.

Since then, she has been developing a career finding a crossroad of environment and sustainable energy with storytelling and journalism.

She spent a large amount of time managing renewable energy projects after which she moved to journalistic organisations and campaigns management (Medium Publiczne and REO).

She has been developing a journalistic career focused on finding unrepresented stories and covering them from the field. In her work, she focuses on climate injustice, energy democracy and just transition processes. She tries to find a human perspective of those, involved in the global processes.

For 2 years she ran her own live radio show about the environment and climate change which led to her appearance in the documentary movie “It’s Okey to Panic”.

In 2019, she acquired a Transatlantic Media Fellowship, during which she covered the energy transition process in the United States. She created a series of articles picturing the energy democracy as seen by various residents, across New York, Detroit and the Midwest.

In 2020, she covered Nord Stream II development controversies by following the story to a German harbor hosting the Akademik Cherskiy vessel.

She investigated the waste management system in Sweden, the native Berber families in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, hurricane risk in Ecuador and just transition processes in the biggest Polish coal regions.

Together with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism from the UK, she conducted an investigation of antibiotics usage in a poultry supply chain, leading to global antimicrobial resistance.

In a collaboration with Transitions and Hanna Valentys, she covered the massive topic of a Waterway E40 following its developments in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine.

Besides her journalism, she is focused on working with impact companies and organisations to create media campaigns, communication strategies and creative PR. She has worked with companies and organisations around the world creating multimedia materials, including photography and podcasts.

Privately, passionate sailor, runner and surfer.

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